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How are custom acoustic guitars made?
I'm a tool maker.  

I make tools for artists.


My first task is to observe and listen to you, the artist.  We'll talk about your playing style, size requirements and tonal preferences.  Then, we can customize your guitar with the body style, wood choices, nut width, string spacing, and scale length to fit your playing style.  


Sound, Looks & Feel 

Your guitar should have it all.


In this Talking Guitar interview I discuss my creative process in guitar bulding. Topics include voicing, responce, matching guitar and player as well as the subtle aspects of guitar design that are hidden inside.   

Mole's Moan - Phil Volan


"Heart of the Rockies"


I live, work, and play in the Arkansas River headwaters area, Salida, Colorado.  It is here in the "heart of the rockies"  where the river exits the mountains to begin its journey east.


Salida is a great vacation spot for the whole family.  Come for a visit and enjoy the mountains, river rafting, art, fishing, skiing, and more. We have the best mix of Colorado.

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