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Custom Handcrafted Acoustic Guitars 

Your guitar in a way that no factory guitar could ever be.

Sound - Looks - Feel

Body Style


Nut Width

Build Options

Custom Inlay

Your custom guitar will be a functional work of art, designed to conform to your hands, fit your sense of style and enhance your playing experience with its sound, looks and feel. 

Hello, I'm luthier Jeff Bamburg.


The search for your perfect guitar can be a bit overwhelming.


There are 5 critical decisions you need to make to get the

Sound, Look and Feel for your perfect guitar.


Allow me to be your Guide.


To get started, I've compiled a short E-book outlining these 5 decisions.


Download the Guide then give me call at 719 221-4262. 

"Absolutly the best performance guitar I have ever owned." 

Jonah Werner

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